About the Book

The Energy Book is a personal handbook which describes 50 simple ways (Energy Boosters) to increase your energy in life, in work, in everything you do.

The Energy Boosters range from short simple exercises to changes in the way you live your daily life. They are all tried and trusted methods for boosting your personal energy.

Using the Energy Book will give you an understanding of the four different types of Personal Energy, how they interact with each other and how you can maximize them.

About the Author

Richard Maddocks is an internationally recognized inspirational speaker, training-workshop leader, conference-moderator, coach and author. His passion for helping individuals, teams and organizations to unleash more of their potential has enabled thousands of people to experience increased fulfilment and impact in their professional and personal lives.

Former CEO of an international IT company, Richard combines long-term business experience with a passion for the development of human potential and the coaching of teams. In 2003, after 25 years of successfully building and growing medium to large corporate IT companies, he co-founded Communicum, an innovative people development enterprise focused on helping individuals and organizations maximize their potential.

Communicum continues to develop and deliver a wide range of programs including their widely praised Drive Your Talents, Drive Your Leadership and Drive Your Energy workshops.

The Energy Book emerged from the realization that personal development in any area requires a high level of personal energy to drive it forward. And that energized people lead happier, more fulfilling lives.

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